In less than two years Over became a reliable company

A company active in the market and constantly growing


Adriano Cerocchi

Chief Executive Officer

Born in 1985, he is one of the youngest Italian CEO driving a joint-stock company has a PhD in Computer Engineering, author of many international publications, he has a patent and a diploma of High School Education in Business and Administration

Roberto Baldoni


Full professor of "distributed system" at Sapienza, University of Rome, he is one of the Italian leading experts in Security Systems, he is the Director of Inter-academic Research Center for the National Security, author of more than 200 scientific publications, he has numerous international academic awards

Giuseppe Bracone

Chief Technical Officer

Computer engineer, he is a specialist in middleware and parallel computing systems. He has been involved in the definition and designing of the software architecture of Over in order to guarantee a simple and secure access to the functionalities of the system.

Massimo Mecella

Founder and R&D

Assistant professor at Sapienza,university of Rome, he is one of the leading international experts in the software as-a-service, author of many reasearch papers, he has been the technical director of the European project SM4ALL

Leonardo Querzoni

Founder and R&D

Assistant professor at Sapienza,university of Rome, he is part of the research center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security (CIS) and a key-member of the Inter-academic Center for National Security

Maurizio Tabachi

Founder and R&D

Businessman with an active role in the capital market, he has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for home automation.

Fabio Di Sabatino


Graduated in Engineering in Computer Science in Sapienza university of Rome with a thesis about the design and the development of an interface that allows the communication between Ethernet and domotic protocols. He is part of the Over development team.

Daniele Buonanno


Graduated in Engineering in Computer Science in Sapienza university of Rome, during these years he joined the excellence course and wrote a master thesis about smart spaces and home automation protocols. Now, he is part of Over development team.

Mariano Leva


Computer engineer with a three-year experience in European project management in the field of home automation. Author of several research papers, today he is designer and developer of the high-end enterprise functionality and user interface of the Over system

Silvia Ruggiero


Graduated in Product Design at Sapienza university of Rome, she is author of two dissertations about home automation and User Experience. Since 2014 she is responsible for communication, product design and the user interface of NanOMeter.

Luca Migliazzi

Sales Manager

Business Developer and Sales Manager of the commercial network, he has more than ten years experience in IT and home automation

Alessia De Santis


Very young she approached the business world, participating and winning the "Network Scuola Impresa" project; currently she is in charge of the administration services and the secretariat of Over

Over team is made up of assistant and full professors of Sapienza, university of Rome, with experience in the most important European research project in the field of home automation; businessmen present for years in the field of electronics and information technology; specialized professionals in the home automation sector(product design,sales network,etc.)


A "business angel" who believed in the potential of the project Over. Intermark Systems, a leader in the distribution and design of integrated systems for automation(www.intermark.it). Lazio Innova, venture capital (www.lazioinnova.it).

Over team is always looking for innovative solutions.

In our laboratories the products are tested every day in order to provide users with an advanced and reliable system.

Where we are

Over SpA
Via Maffio Maffii, 15
00157 Roma (RM), Italia

+39 06 93 578 640

Contact us to know our agencies, you will find us anywhere in Italy.

write to direzionecommerciale@overtechnologies.com