functionality (patent pending) thanks to the electrical sockets which are automatically switched off when a devices is in a standby state or it is disconnected by its charger.

User habits learning

he system can automatically deactivates an electrical socket when it detects there is no activity within the house (e.g. tenants are away or they are sleeping)

Monitoring per single device

it is immediately possible to identify the most energy consuming device and the less efficient one

Electrical Loads Control

when the consumptions getting to the maximum allowed, or to the programmed threshold, the OBox is able to disconnect automatically one or more electrical sockets according to predefined settings

Anomalies alerts

It is possible to set consumption alerts: overstep exceeding a certain threshold in the electrical bill, planning to send sms/email to multiple recipients.

Historical consumption data

taking advantage by the historical data, it is possible to read the amount of energy used by each device understanding which is consuming more.

Wall buttons

they normally operate even in case of absence of connectivity with the OBox or OMeter failure.

Devices controllable through the home WiFi network

you can control your devices through the Over web interface, accessible by any device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, smart TV, PC etc.) connected to the home network

Devices controllable by any WiFi network

you can remotely control your electrical devices when you are out, through the Over web interface, being connected with your smartphone or any other WiFi network

Wall buttons reconfiguration

no need to call an technician if you want to modify the device a wall button controls. No rewiring is needed. You can use the web interface. It is also possible to create and control with one wall button a group of devices with a single button.

Rules and scenario settings

thanks to a simple and intuitive interface it is possible to realize complex dispositions: “if it is dark and the lights in the garden are switched off, turn down the shutter and activate the irrigation system” or “when the washing machine ends its cleaning cycle, drum a buzzer”.

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