The point of view of the installer

Home automation is always a complication for the electricians. Many customers would like to have something different from a normal electrical system, it means for a technician additional costs, or time spent in training courses. This is why Over is not Home Automation.

An advanced electrical system, but extremely easier to install.

The Over system does not require any training course and, makes the installation process easier! You can bring all the electrical wires inside the junction boxes, as usual, only you have to connect them to the clamps of our OMeter. This allows you not to waste time in project and wire complex 2-way, 3-way, n-way lines, etc. . Moreover, you can reduce efforts and costs, usually required to realize centralized security alarm systems.

No additional costs for the programming software

The programming software is already installed into the OBox. You only need to open an internet browser, choose whether to use a PC, a tablet or simply a smartphone. The software is very easy to use and you will spend very little time to configure the entire system.


Download pdf technical specifications

Download pdf technical specifications

Download pdf technical specifications

Installers FAQ

Which BUS is used by Over?

Over uses EDS, a standard adopted since 1999 and then thoroughly tested. Allows you to use any type of wire, also single-wire, and is free from interference even if passed between 230V lines. It can be spread up 1.2 Km without repeaters and it's not bound to a particular phisical topology: it can be wired in star pattern, cascade or both. Compared to the others available, this bus is particularly versatile.

Why doesn’t Over use KNX?

Over is a 2.0 electrical system, the bus has to connect only to the OBox and the OMeters. KNX is thought for different scenarios, it ensures a great scalability paying but with perceptible delays during switching operations. EDS is optimized in order to avoid this.

How is met the italian CEI 64-8 regulation?

This regulation introduces the obligation to separate power lines of your electrical system and not to serve more than two junction boxes with a line topology. Over manages this through a single device, while with other competitors you need more than one. With Over you are sure to comply with all the applicable regulations.

Can we break the OMeter relays with heavy load?

No, because we use Finder series 40 relays with silver plate and all the tracks reinforced and tested with insulation tests certified for more than 1,000V and short circuit test with 32A protection. For us, quality is never expendable.

Who can I contact in case of any problem?

Our team is at your disposal to assist you during office hours. If you have an Internet connection, we can offer remote assistance to verify in real time any problems and, if necessary, promptly act. On the “site” you will never be alone!

Which wall buttons are compatible with Over?

All the wall buttons offering a dry contact, that is, all the products of the domestic series offered by the best-known brands. The user can choose the number of buttons and plaques he prefers, even the less innovative, to interact with an electrical system of the latest generation.

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