NanOMeter is a small device equipped with internet connection and it can be mounted in each electric panel. It continuously monitors the electricity used, and thanks to a customized web interface, it shows you graphics of your consumption. NanOMeter allows you to create alerts that signal the exceeding of thresholds of energetic consumption.


Current draw: N+R 380Vac
Optional current draw: through EDS port 13,8V - 15Vdc
Current transformers: you can wire at most 3 current transformers with transformation ratio at 5A
Bus EDS: asynchronous bidirectional communication, with retransmission and integrity check
Internet: connected to the server-cloud through GSM/GPRS
Operating temperature: -25÷+60°C
Warehousing temperature: da -40÷+80°C
Mounting type: DIN Rail Panel Mount (4 modules)
Measurement accuracy: ±1%
Display: monochromatic 1.53x1.38" with information about GSM/GPRS connection, power supply , instant power monitored from each current transformers and the entire power recorded.


• It mesaures the power used from the electrical system, giving data of voltage, current, power factor, active, reactive and apparent power.
• It gives to the cloud server the collected data of the energetic consumption.
• The server stores and calculate energetica data in order to provide a detailed report of the consumption. The web application and the smartphone app allows to see those data, according to aggregation selected by the user.
• When the maximum power threshold is reached, the cloud server sends alerts in order to avoid the automatic switch off of the electricity. Those alerts can be sent to one or more recipients, even when customized thresholds are exceeded. In this way, users have a complete control of their energetic consuption.
• The system can be used for security purpose: in example, you can prove if the automatic switch off of the electric meter was due to a consumption exceeding or to an alteration.
• It is possible to use any device with a browser to enter the cloud and have the acces to all the functionalities.
• It has a bidirectional communication with the cloud server, woriking as a gateway for the exchange of messages with other EDS devices.

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OMeter has 16 input (to connect, buttons, sensor etc) and 8 outputs (to connect lamps, electrical sockets, shutters and alarm siren etc). It is able to read the consumption of 8 single devices and switch them. The OMeters autonomously manage the basic functions of the 2.0 electrical system.


Current draw: max350mA, average 200mA
Mounting type: DIN Rail Panel Mount (9 modules)
Operating temperature: -20÷+60°C
Warehousing temperature: -40÷+80°C
Screw connection terminal: max section 3mm
Communication system: Bidirectional, asynchronous with retransmission and data integrity check
Maximum bus length: 1200m linear along all the system, obtained as amount of all the routes
Allowed bus topologies: Star, linear, promiscuous
Certification: CE mark
Channel number: 8
Input detection: opening/closing referring to ground reference
Maximum length: 100m
Channels number: 8
Maximum power per channel 3,5kW(cosφ = 1)
Total maximum power (atHome series) = 4,5kW (cosφ=1)
Measurement accuracy: ±1%

> Turning on and off electrical appliances connected to outputs (lights, shutters, electrical sockets etc)
> Each output can be configured as: direct, timed light (it switches off after the expiration of a customized time) or shutter (it is possible to specify an up and down time)
> Sensing of the dry-contacts sensor variations connected to inputs (switch and wall buttons, presence sensors etc.)
> Each input can be bound to two actions without using additional components such as diverters and inverters making the installation simple and flexible
> It provides measurements of each single device on voltage, current, power factor, active power, reactive power and apparent power
> It communicates with the other OMeters installed in the system. This allow the binding between inputs and outputs belonging to different OMeters, even if thy are located to considerable distance without performing direct wirings
> It sends to the OBox the energy consumption measurements that it gathers

Declaration of Conformity CE


OBox is a gateway connected to the internet and the other devices (OMeter). It allows the user to remotely access to the system and to benefit of home management. It provides an advanced energy consumption monitoring system, system reprogramming, new rules creation and scenarios settings, etc.


Power supply: 13,8 – 15 Vdc
Current draw: max 500mA, average 350 mA
Dimensions: 162x112x30mm
Operating temperature: : -20÷+60°C
Warehousing temperature: -40÷+80°C
Communication system: Bidirectional, asynchronous with retransmission and data integrity check on bus. Full- ip on Ethernet
Certification: CE mark

> It stores and processes energy consumption data provided by each OMeter of the system to help the user with historical and/or real time reports
> It allows each device, provided with a browser (smartphones, tablet, PC, smart TV, etc) to control the electrical appliances, visualize consumption data, configure/reconfigure the system and create customized rules. Every function is remotely accessible
> It implements energy saving policies (standby intelligent management)
> It manages the burglar alarm system of the house and allows you to control it remotely
> It allows to define daily and customized programs, to switch on and off the electrical devices at the scheduled time
> When the consumptions getting to the maximum allowed, or to the programmed threshold, the OBox is able to disconnect automatically one or more electrical sockets according to predefined settings.

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