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Why the name OVER? Because the desire is to always go "beyond" the difficulties and challenges that inevitably occurred during the history of a company. Technically, OVER is not the name of the company: it is the direction, the diktat that we have imposed ourselves and that we ask from every member, partner, administrator or employee.
Today, we are leader in the banking sector with over 3,500 connected installations which translate into over 65,000 tele-managed lines by an intelligence known to the market as the "engine of the rules". The company now has 30 people directly hired and a structured organization throughout Italy of over 50 collaborators who take care of installations and assistance.
The next step will be to expand our ability to innovate outside the banking sector: we must think globally, the next leap we have set ourselves to "go OVER" is to become a small multinational, a small, large, world-class company.

we offer

We offer you a permanent contract
We offer you a fixed salary based on level of experience
We offer you a welcoming workplace where attention to people is the first cornerstone.
We offer you an ambitious team that doesn't like the word "impossible" and "too complicated".
We offer you a company that reinvests the profits to finance your growth and your training.
We offer you a policy for which we prefer to build company know-how rather than outsourcing.
We offer you a job where in addition to your salary you will also gain skills and have access to a valuable network.
We offer you a reality where the average age is less than 30 years where merit matters.
We offer you respect for our values, which is not only what we ask of you but also what we offer you.
We offer you a resting point in every venue complete with every type of drink.
We offer you the constant commitment to invest in your training.

We search

  • Front End Dev
  • Cloud Software Dev
  • Backend Software Dev
  • Firmware engineer
  • Control Room Operator

We are looking for an ambitious Frontend Developer to join our team based in Rome.

Role and responsibilities

As a frontend developer you must:
• Deliver frontend web application
• Cooperate in the workflow with the UI/UX Director
• Cooperate with the back-end developer in the process of building the RESTful API


• Javascript

• Typescript
• UI Framework (Angular, Jquery, Bootstrap, Materialize...)
• UI Component (Highcharts, Datatable…)
• Npm, node
• Code management (Git)


• REST/JSON web service
• Knowledge to use prototyping and presentation tools

We are looking for an ambitious Cloud Software Developer to join our team based in Rome.


• Master's degree in computer science
• Ability in object-oriented design and programming
• Good knowledge of the Java 8 or later, principles of microservice architectures, Linux operating system, DBMS (PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, MongoDB) and of the GIT versioning system

• Good knowledge of the English language
• Knowledge of microservice architectures with Docker container
• Knowledge of AWS cloud platforms, such as Amazon ECS, AWS Lambda, RedShift, SageMaker

We are looking for an ambitious Backend Software Dev to join our team based in Rome.


• Master's degree in computer science
• Ability in object-oriented design and programming
• Good knowledge of the Java 8 or later & Python Linux operating system and of the GIT versioning system

We are looking for an ambitious Firmware Engineer to join our team based in Milan.

• Bachelor degree in electronic engineering / computer science or other degree in technical-scientific subjects
• Knowledge of the c/c++ programming language

Other skills of preferential character

• Even short experience in an R&D laboratory
• Good knowledge of english language
• Knowledge of Java
• Knowledge of field bus communication

We are looking for a resource responsible to take care, through dedicated software, on field technician, operating on monitoring and energy efficiency systems, also carrying out helpdesk activities providing assistance through telephone, email and chat.


• High school diploma, preferably technical schools
• Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially Excel)
• Excellent knowledge of the Italian language
• Basic knowledge of electrical, electronic and IT systems


• Dynamic personality with a great desire to learn
• Strong sense of duty
• Good ability to work in team
• Propensity to problem solving
• Good relational skills