99.9% air purification

AirFrame® air purifier against viruses, bacteria & pollutants


More than an air purifier, more than a Made in Italy design…

AirFrame® thanks to CrossField® technology enhances people’s health and quality of life.
Eliminates 99,9%* of PM (including Ultra-fine particulate – with a diameter lower than 1 micrometer, as for SARS-COVID 19 and FLU virus), allergens, virus, bacteria, fungi, spores and mold. AirFrame® is the unique air purifier that not only filters dirty air but can trap and destroy microbial pollution and ultra-fine particle that a standard HEPA is not able to filtrate.
Quiet running: like a whisper, subdued, indistinguishable from the background noise, so as not to even be noticed.
Remote Control: the app lets you control your device from anywhere, schedule the operation, track real-time and historical indoor air pollutant and provides a guidance on alerts status.
Coverage: 80m2/230m3 in 1 hour
Easy to install: plug-and-play device: 4 screws and everything is done. A template to help you with the wall mount is included in the packaging.
Economic: no filters to replace, so no additional costs to buy spare parts, no risks in obsolescence, and no waste disposal.
The Electrostatic Filter (ESP) captures and deactivates the smallest pollutants up to 0,1nm
AirFrame® has been designed and tested in the laboratory to be Ozone free*.
*Testing in accredited laboratories.

The story behind AirFrame® with CrossField®

How does CrossField® works?
2 years of research and development in OVER laboratories created a superlative solution: CrossField®, the first-ever sustainable and 99.9% effective system for air purification. The air pass primarily through the electrostatic filter that traps pollutants and kills or damages bio-pollutant. Then the air than pass thought UV-C rays where the sanitation process is completed. This unique technologies combination allows CrossField® to be effective on bio pollutants where the other filtering technologies fail.

Cleaning procedure

Zero maintenance, zero effort

AirFrame® is a filter-free, minimal maintenance system, compared to standard HEPA filters which get clogged and need to be frequently substituted.
With AirFrame® you simply clean our device with the wipe of a cloth and never have to worry about releasing any harmful pollutants that’s been captured.

AirFrame® air purifier with CrossField®

Health & Medical sector

Nursing homes are known for high levels of virus and disease transmission. The close proximity of guests and staff who spend most of their time indoors creates environments highly prone to the spread of infections. Infection control in these environments is critical because of the vulnerability of the hosts.

AirFrame® air purifier will allow you:

Our team supports you in:

Reduce virus transmission, removing airborne infections before they reach guests and employees
Remove bad smells that can be common in nursing homes.
Improve air quality for residents who tend to spend a limited amount of time outdoors every day.
Support for on-going improvements
The health sector has many risks of infection: hospitals and primary care providers treat potentially infected and vulnerable patients, and pharmacies receive many sick and fragile customers in confined spaces.

AirFrame® air purifier in sanitary facilities will help you:

Greatly reduce the levels of virus transmission between patients and staff, keeping patients healthy and allowing staff to stay at work.
Limit efforts to keep surfaces clean, removing infections while still in the air.
Improve compliance with Health, Safety and Environment directives and reducing the risks associated with infections, creating a safe environment for staff and patients.
Complying with the strict safety standards of beauty and beauty salons is often frustrating, stressful and, sometimes, are adopted in a confusing way. The best way to meet the ongoing challenges and control infections is to be as prepared as possible.
Reduce viruses transmission between staff and customers who are often in close contact with each other, keeping both safe.
Manage, open and close tickets reported through the OverBoard software
Give your customers the utmost peace of mind that their appointment at your center will take place in total safety, encouraging them to come back to enjoy the benefits of your services.
AirFrame® air purifier with CrossField®

Business and public sector

Without adequate air purification systems, pollutants and all particles harmful to health can easily spread to offices by air. AirFrame® air purifier with CrossField® technology can help you create a safer office by removing the harmful pathogens in the air of common environments that all your employees and users breathe.

Our team supports you in:

You will allow employees to return to the office safely reducing the risk of disease transmission by air
You will help to improve mental and physical well-being of your employees
AirFrame - Classroom - 2
Why is air pollution particularly harmful to infants and young children?
Children are more vulnerable to breathing polluted air than adults because their airways are smaller and still developing. They also breathe faster than adults, which means they inhale more polluted air.

Our team supports you in:

Increase the presence of students and teachers by reducing the risk of spreading infections
You will help keep pupils and teachers healthy and reduce absenteeism
The hospitality industry and all the industries related to customers recepition had to adapt very quickly to keep pace with changing government regulations and customer demands. Properly and safely managing the airflow of your business with the right air purifier will help reassure customers that they can return to your facility safely.

Our team supports you in:

Monitoring of individual air quality parameters
Detecting anomalies and writing automatic rules
Air Quality and building performance reports
Support for on-going improvements

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Call us to get information and improve well-being in your environment. Careful assessment of your needs. Free inspections (Mon-Fri).
02. Inspection
We plan an evaluation of your hygiene level thanks to a free inspection. Critical point detection and improvement. Identification and customization of solutions. Beware of legal requirements for your industry.
03. Installation
Competent preparation of dispensers and consumables by experienced technicians. Installation that respects the specifics of your facility. Planned intervention without interrupting production activities. Guaranteed trial period with certified products.
04. Assistance & Control Room
Constant maintenance and control. Regular and discreet technical service. Predictive issues resolution. Constant assistance and advice.

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